Okay, First I'd like to note that I'm not here to learn how to bulit synths. I just figured maybe someone in this community could help me out a little.

I've been playing around with pianos my whole life. I use to own a decent digital piano but it broke and I'm off to bigger and better things. I go to guitar center occassionally and just play around with the snyths for hours. Well I plan on buying one now but I have no freaking clue what to get or what is a good deal. I just want somthing easy to use, and I don't plan on spending more the $600.I'd like it to have a decent range of tones and a nice quality sound.

I suggested these ones:

Yamaha S03 Keyboard $496

Alesis QS6.2 61-Key Synthesizer Keyboard  $499

Roland Juno-D 61-Key Synthesizer Keyboard $595

Please lemme know what you think I should get. Any other suggestion are appreciated!

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I was wondering if you could build a bank of passive filters, essentially just jacks with a resistor in between them. just have a different size for each one. would this be practical to run audio through? im not interested in quality of sound, just manipulation of sound.
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Ive got a Leslie combo pre-amp pedal model #020875. I do not own a leslie cabinet, nor do I own a organ that can accomodate one. Would it be possible to convert this into a stand-alone preamp, to use for guitars or microphones and such?

circuit schematics

Im looking for schematics for the absolute most simple circuits i can make. im looking for anything that creates some sort of effect that a line level signal can be run through. passive curcuits would be great. i know there no such thing as a simple reverb or phase and things like that, but is there anything out there thats totally simple (not including distortion) any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

gnosis antiquarius
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Bob Moog Has Cancer

Hi, just a quick note to let you guys know that Bob Moog has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. He has lost the use of his left side and is wheelchair bound for now. Here's a link to his journal that his family has been updating to keep friends and fans up to date.

I'd like to ask you to keep Bob in your thoughts and prayers if you have the chance. Thanks for your support.

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  • macaba

Hello guys.

Hey there everybody, I'm new to this group.

I'm building my first analogue monophonic synth, etching the pcb's this week. I'm etching pcb's for:

2 VCO's
2 Dual LFO's
2 VC Low pass filters
2 Variable state filters
2 ASDR Generators
2 VCA's
1 Mixer
1 CV multiplier

All the circuits come from

My panels are going to be 3U high and multiples of 1.5" wide. Patch leads are gonna be 3.5mm mono jacks.

I'll probably buy a kit for Midi to CV convertor, something along the lines of:

Hopefully, i can keep it all under £100.


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ive got a schematic here for a circuit im going to build... problem is the 6 parts it needs i cant find. im not sure what an equivelant would be. any help would be greatly appreciated.

stancor A-4713 driver transformer
GE45A diode
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this may be slightly off subject, but I have been working on building this little oscillator circuit that was in a radio shack breadboard kit i got for christmas once. i was going to make these on a brown board with the pre-drilled holes and just run wire from point to point. i have already built a passive ring modulator circuit i found on the net with the same kind of board. i was going to build two of these oscillator circuits and run them through the ring mod. but, i know the ring mod needs two different input frequencys right? so if i had two of the same circuit the ring mod wouldn't work? or would it? also, the circuit in the lab thing has a pressure sensor...i can just wire a different kind of sensor instead right, like say an optical one? or would i have to add anything to the circuit? also, where in a circuit would i add a 1/4" out jack? would i just wire it like i would the speaker and just leave the speaker out? last but not least, if anyone knows about these radio shack project lab things, when you connect to the pots built into the board, do those pots have build in resistors or would the wires on the real board just connect to the pots? im basically trying to make my own very very simple synthesizer just to do strange background drones.